Fresh Ribeye from Neat Meat in Egypt

I have just gotten a confirmation call from Neat Meat here in Egypt about the order I put in at their website yesterday. So, apparently the site is real. When I ordered yesterday, I asked for a kilo of Beef Ribs. The guy that called me today from their customer service was kind enough to explain to me that I could change the order to Rib eye to get 4 pieces instead of 2-3 pieces. Honestly I have no clue about if beef ribs are better or worse meat than rib eye, so I accepted.

The delivery is supposed to be here in Al Rehab City where I live between 2 and 4 PM today. Let’s see how that goes.

So far, my impression of this company has not been that great. I ordered yesterday as I mentioned above, but they called today to confirm the order. As a first time buyer of meat from them, I would expect they would call and confirm the order right away, so I would be assured that the website is real, and that I will indeed get the meat I ordered. I have never heard about Neat Meat before, so I was really not sure if they actually exist or not.

Secondly, the website loads very slow. All navigation between categories and products goes painstakingly slowly. This would suggest to me that they are on some cheap hosting plan somewhere. I would definitely do something about the site loading times if I were them. Also keep in mind that from a SEO perspective, fast loading time signals to Google that the site owners takes their website seriously and should get a better ranking.

You’ll find them at

The guy I spoke with, speaks english fairly well, so no need to worry about having to speak Arabic.

The delivery was on time

The delivery guy showed up on the door within the time they specified. Kudos to him for that.

The driver that delivered the meat, did not speak much english, but he understood numbers in english for the payment.

The meat I bought is excellent

The meat holds very high quality from what I can assess. I grilled the steak, and it was very juicy and felt very fresh. I will definitely order from Neat Meat again.

What is your experience with Neat Meat?

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