IPTV Streaming Software

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is a form of Internet broadcasting in which live content is streamed online to your system. Most IPTV services provide hundreds to thousands of channels, including video on demand (VOD) and other content streamed over the Internet Protocol network. Subscription TV is an IPTV service provider that offers a range of channels including sports, news, cartoons, movies, series, and so on.

You can watch your favorite content smoothly, without blocks or delays. This IPTV service will help you stream movies and TV shows with great picture quality and reliable connection. Unlike standard cable or satellite television, IPTV sends you content such as shows and movies to stream over a standard internet connection. As you may know, IPTV is a service that allows you to watch television without using traditional terrestrial, satellite and cable television formats. My Ip TV is an application developed for Windows that gives you the ability to watch IPTV without installing any third party software.

Use My IP TV Player to enjoy your favorite digital content right on your PC. With multi-channel filtering and PIN protection options, this advanced Windows IPTV player keeps your digital content safe. This powerful IPTV player for Windows will help you watch and stream content through live media sources that are freely distributed on the Internet. As mentioned above, IPTV Player works over the Internet protocol, allowing users to stream TV to their home computers.

Going forward, dedicated IPTV players are useful for playing various streaming protocols on Windows devices. However, IPTV offers convenience and simplicity by allowing users to stream content from their personal devices over a stable internet connection. Live IPTV is very popular among sports networks, as viewers typically stream events to their devices, such as smartphones, using various live IPTV services. Direct IPTV is very similar to regular TV except that it allows you to watch it on any device with internet access.

Generally, you cannot use IPTV apps to watch Netflix, Hulu or live content from other third party providers. IPTV apps are a bit like Kodi; they are empty shells that cannot pass any content without user input. Similar to free sports streaming sites and free movie sites, these free IPTV apps are constantly updated and sometimes disabled. It’s best to use a VPN when streaming with cheap or free IPTV apps since we don’t know where those apps are running or what they’re accessing.

The free TV player is definitely worth a try if you want to easily watch many digital outputs and live TV shows. The best part about ProgTV is that it supports all major video formats so you won’t miss any of your favorite content. VLC is one of the best IPTV players for Windows 10 as it offers powerful streaming features to play all multimedia content.

This famous IPTV player is an open source media player that can easily manage all your local media and IPTV streaming content without compromising security and privacy. Kodi IPTV Player offers many useful add-ons and builds that you can install before you start enjoying your streams. This IPTV player service requires you to connect your Roku to your TV, connect to the internet, set up a Roku account, and start streaming your favorite movies, web series, and TV shows. Tubi is one of the best IPTV apps that allows you to stream live TV channels like BabyFirst TV, Dove Channel, CONtv, etc.

IPTV refers to a system for distributing television channels over broadband Internet or LAN (local area network). ProgTV is currently one of the best IPTV players for Windows PCs and laptops as it allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and digital channels for free through numerous live media sources. ProgDVB / ProgTV is a universal IPTV application for Windows that allows you to watch digital TV content and listen to online radio channels. ProgTV is another popular Windows IPTV application used to stream live TV channels and listen to radio on PC.

My IPTV is another powerful media player with Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that helps you watch the best IPTV channels on your Windows PC or laptop. MyIPTV Player is equipped with an efficient translucent OSD menu and the ability to control and manage playback in full screen mode. Users can purchase IPTV subscriptions and use IPTV players to watch all TV channels, live media and video-on-demand (VOD) services on desktops, laptops, and Android and iOS devices at any time.

They offer a Premium Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service that comes with m3u playlists using the Internet Protocol package over the Internet instead of traditional cable TV streaming. One of the most recommended and best IPTV providers is probably ITVTrends because IPTV Trends offers over 20,000 live TV channels as well as over 60,000 videos on demand. This online streaming platform offers quality channels that allow you to stream without buffering issues.

IPTV Gear uses H264 technology to provide fast streaming with minimal lag even if you have a slow internet connection. Lazy IPTV uses HTTP and UDP streaming and can play videos directly from YouTube and the social network VKontakte. If you have a UDP proxy (set up via your local network), you can use the IPTV app to play multicast streams.

As part of the ViacomCBS family, Pluto TV offers a wide range of programming, from technology to sports, from Latin programs to 24/7 news channels. The IPTV Smarters Pro app also integrates with external video players (such as Perfect Player and VLC) if you prefer to use them corresponding interfaces.

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The Best Scary Horror Movies

As we all know Halloween is approaching and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating it until the 31 of October so for all the horror movies fans, here are some of the best ones that are worth watching on Netflix this Halloween


This movie is based on Stephen King’s best seller novel and it’s an absolute terrifying classic. The 1980 mystery/psychological horror directed by Stanley Kubrick will leave you baffled, it’s a true masterpiece since Stanley Kubrick has been known to leave many clues throughout  his movies to always keep you second guessing.


This movie is based on one of the most terrifying serial killers ED GEIN who’s been also known as “the butcher of painfield” , this 1960 horror/mystery is also a classic in my opinion because it has too many scenes that you just can’t forget and you tend to always remember them when the movie gets mentioned. also being based on a real life serial killer who collected his victims skin to make trophies out of them is a plus.


Doctor Hannibal Lecter is one of my favorite characters as Anthony Hopkins portrayed a psychopath serial killer in the most brilliantly terrifying way. This 1991 drama/mystery is based on based on a real person, but he wasn’t a serial killer. In 2013, Thomas Harris (author of Silence of the Lambs) revealed that the inspiration behind Lecter was a Mexican doctor who was convicted of not only murdering his partner, but chopping him up. It was in the early 1960s when Harris met the doctor at Topo Chico Penitentiary in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, while working on a story for a magazine.


The omen is a movie based on the story of the son of Satan, an evil child who’s called Damien, who gets adopted by a rich family. one of the iconic scenes of this movie would be the one in the beginning where you see that during the course of his birthday party the nanny attempts suicide from the house roof while shouting THIS IS FOR YOU DAMIEN. four parts of the movie where made.The Omen is a British-American horror film franchise beginning in 1976:
The Omen 1976
Damien: Omen II 1978
Omen III: The Final Conflict 1981
Omen IV: The Awakening 1991


A movie that’s based on the notorious serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and his partner in crime Ottis Toole, what differentiates this movie from other killer movies is that it only shows the criminal mind and that’s it, so no police chase or investigations only the sick ideas of a killer.


The saw movie series that started 2004 would be your perfect choice if you’re into gore bloody psychological type of of movies although the plot twist and the events might get you confused if you watch the movies in their exact order so here’s the right order to watch them.

Saw (2004)
Saw II (2005)
Saw VI (2009)
Saw III (2006)
Saw V (2008)
Jigsaw (2017)
Saw IV (2007)
Saw 3D (2010)


The babadook is an Australian movie based on Monster by Jennifer Kent. this supernatural psychological horror would give you a real good scare and it would stick in your head for days after watching it.


This movie is about a demon that haunts children might be one of the good horror movies that are actually scary but although the first part was spot on the second part was not that scary.


The movie IT is based on one of Stephen King’s novels , and with 700.4 million USD in the box office i can tell you that it’s a movie worth your time but not if you’re afraid of clowns because this clown turns your worse fear into reality.


Of course no horror movies list should exclude the conjuring franchise well at least conjuring 1 and 2 since they are obviously the best, but i guess conjuring 2 was the only one that actually gave me a good scare and endless nightmares, these two are based on true stories about families that were haunted by actual demons and the whole stories are based on true files and recordings that get played at the end of every movie.