Sanitary pads reviews

During that time every month when everything hurts and women feel excruciatingly tired of course all they need is some comfort in the products they use for their menstruation period, and while some famous products promise comfort and maximum protection then you end up feeling itchy and uncomfortable, other products do what they are supposedly marketing.

Always sanitary napkins are kind of the worse, they cause itchiness and some people complained from allergic reactions from using them, they also promise complete protection and claim that their products help with keeping you blood stains free, it doesn’t deliver on these promises from personal experience,  although it’s an international company and their products are all around the world, it’s not a go to product for me.

On the other hand, another company located in Lebanon called Private produces the best sanitary napkins, you can actually go about your day not feeling bothered or agitated and you wouldn’t have to worry about blood stains or anything because their pads provide maximum protection and comfort as for all of their other products and different kinds of pads they do exactly as promised in the ads.

please share your experience with us whether it’s positive or negative about sanitary pads