Weird fashion design

Fashion designers, during their seasonal live performances in fashion capitals, combine beautiful designs with weird ones, which are impossible to use in any way, and the initial comment when seeing them is only suitable for masquerade.

It is not possible for a lady to wear A dress in the form of a box when going to work, or to visit her friends wearing a bag on her head! It is sure that the invention of these clothes did not come in vain from a world fashion designer,  whose designs are stylish and charming. The old question comes back to our minds with a lot of exclamation marks: Why do fashion designers create such weird clothes? What is the purpose of such strange design?

The famous fashion designer and professor at the Institute of Fashion Technology, George Simonton, explained some of the reasons why fashion designers create these weird clothes. “Selling clothes is not the only purpose of fashion shows that cost an average of $ 40,000, These shows are also aimed at advertising seasonal clothing by offering seasonal designs, such as rustic, cotton, navy or even show clothes, to be later translated into wearable items and for sale in stores. In other words, designs can be inspired by designs Of colors, accessories, or method Mute these alien pieces, turning into what can be sold in stores and wear in everyday life. “

Breaking the boredom is the other reason why the designer of such weird and crazy pieces of fashion shows.  Imagine how boring it is to follow a fashion show that offers very similar models of clothing! This is a way to use the advertising side of the designer, but it is not displayed in the shops, but will display the rest of the usual designs Which will be very popular thanks to the strange publicity of the designer!

Some celebrities decide in bold steps to wear weird clothes in public occasions and major festivals, just as the famous star “Madonna” wore a rabbit ears designed by Louis Vuitton at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The same is true of Lady Gaga, who is known for wearing the strangest clothes ever, and attracts the attention at every occasion because of what she wears.

Such atmosphere, many fold, so sleek

Charcoal. Can’t wait to try it out

This fashion style just navigated to my stomach

This Style could please even the most demanding follower of Freud.

The person you were before is nothing at all?

This Style wants to go to hell.

A tree approaches at high velocity!